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TDA Manufacturing Hosts Documentary Team

Over three days in August, TDA Manufacturing (Isanti, MN) hosted the producers of Into the Outdoors, an education network that empowers today’s youth and adults to think critically about our planet.

Part science lesson and part adventure, Into the Outdoors uncovers the stories behind sensible solutions to creating a better planet while the kid hosts have fun along the way. ITO also arms educators with video resources and lesson plans in various science categories.

They were at TDA Manufacturing to film portions of the documentary “Sustainable Waste Tire Solutions,” which will feature the many environmentally friendly uses of tire-derived aggregate (TDA).

Over the course of three days, twelve-year-old host Wesley and the production crew trekked to:

  • An apartment construction site in Burnsville, MN, to learn how TDA can solve challenging building issues, such as lateral pressure created by uneven soil levels

  • Purgatory Creek Recreation Area (Eden Prairie, MN), to see a TDA installation in a muddy wetland area that’s stood the test of time (20 years!)

  • The Minneapolis Convention Center, where TDA was used in a below-ground parking ramp

  • The University of Minnesota, where Wesley interviewed professors researching the capabilities of TDA in stormwater and clean-water applications

The team wrapped up the whirlwind tour by interviewing Monte Niemi, CEO of TDA Manufacturing, who gave a brief history of how far we’ve come in our understanding of TDA.

Watch for “Sustainable Waste Tire Solutions” to air in early 2023 on various broadcast and PBS stations. Check the schedule.


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