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Private Driveway (Isanti, MN)

Water to run off causing pooling and frost heaving

Year Completed: 2020

This property owner reached out to TDA Manufacturing about his driveway settlement complications. The driveway surface was a low elevation, causing water to run off from the yard and pool on top of the driveway.

TDA Manufacturingʼs recommendation for this failing driveway was to improve the subgrade with TDA because it is a very strong material that has 50% void space, allowing for superior drainage. TDA also has a capillary break component that does not allow moisture to wick back up to the surface.

24 inches of clay/loam subgrade was removed. Then 36 inches of TDA was placed and geotextile fabric placed over it. 18-24 inches of the soil removed during the sub cut was used to compress the TDA. The finishing touch was Class 5 on the surface.

The addition of this new subgrade raised the driving surface approximately 2 feet and allows rain to run off the driving surface.

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