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Minneapolis Convention Center

Reducing stress load on underground parking ramp

Year Completed: 1990

Engineers needed to reduce the stress load on Minneapolis Convention Center’s parking ramp. About 2,500 cubic yards of TDA (tire-derived aggregate) was placed on top of the Center’s below-ground ramp as a substitute for heavier fill material.

The use of TDA reduced the weight on top of the underground structure by about 70%. The weight reduction not only relieved the stress on the parking ramp, but it also allowed developers to build a green space on top of the ramp for visitors to enjoy.

"The use of shredded tires saved the developers and taxpayers money, reduced the stress load on the parking ramp, made it possible to to develop a park above the ramp, and helped recycle a part of our waste that has been a problem for years. We hope that more individuals and companies will develop innovative uses for recycled tires, and help our state better manage its solid waste." - Gerald Willet (MPCA Commissioner)

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