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Parking Lot Retaining Wall (New Hope, MN)

Reducing lateral load on lower lot retaining wall

Year Completed: 2000

This project involved building a safe, stable retaining wall in between two parking lots that are side by side, but have an approximate 20 foot elevation difference.

This retaining wall isn't holding back a gradual slope; it is instead supporting what is more of a cliff-like embankment that the higher parking lot is situated on.

To reduce the lateral load pressing against the retaining wall, TDA was installed.

With 592 cubic yards of volume to fill, if this wall had been backfilled with dirt, the total weight of the placed fill would've been 1,518,480 lbs when dry, and 1,998,000 lbs when wet (2,565 lbs/cy and 3,375 lbs/cy, respectively).TDA weighs approximately 600 lbs/cy, making the total weight of the TDA fill for this project 355,200 lbs. This weight cannot be compromised, as shredded tires do not absorb water, and they are relatively free-draining.

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