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County Road 12 (Kettle River, MN)

Frost heaving problem resolved

Year Completed: 2001

County Road 12 in Kettle River, MN underwent annual maintenance due to a spring in the subgrade soils that constantly pumped water to the surface and damaged the road with moisture and frost heaving.

The conventional rock aggregate and French drain could not handle the water efficiently enough to prevent road damage. Clay, with its low permeability, could not get the water to the drains effectively enough.

Choosing TDA solved the moisture problem because the void space within TDA allowed water to move into the drains. As an added bonus, the void space prevents water from wicking up to the surface of the road and causing frost heaving problems.

Project engineer John Sielmeier said: "Tire shreds were placed along about 700 feet of Carlton County Road 12 during 2001. In the past, this portion of the roadway had experienced frost heave and spring thaw weakening requiring excessive maintenance activities. The tire shreds were placed in an effort to increase the durability and safety of this portion of roadway and to try an innovation technique that may have applications to other roadways in Minnesota."

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