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I-35 Exit Ramp 171 (Pine City, MN)

Slope stabilization going strong over 20 years later

Year Completed: 1992

Exit ramp 171 in Pine City, MN is on top of nearly 1,000,000 shredded tires. At the time of completion in 1993, this was the largest TDA (tire derived aggregate) application in Minnesota.

The ramp had weak underlying soils that were prone to sliding, requiring extensive maintenance repairs that proved ineffective. Over two decades after construction, the ramp remains in excellent condition. Randy McCuskey, Carlton County Maintenance Superintendant, said, “TDA is a good, inexpensive resource for us to get these roads done."

TDA’s 50% reduced lateral loading and lightweight property work together to reinforce the slide failure area of the exit ramp. An additional benefit of TDA is its high permeability factor, which makes it a great drainage aggregate.

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