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American Engineering Testing (St. Paul, MN)

Saving limited valuable real estate space

Year Completed: 2018

American Engineering Testing, Inc. Headquarters is located in St. Paul, Minnesota. They were retained to investigate Stormwater mitigation installations that had used TDA as a water storage material. They recognized the cost efficiencies of an aggregate that was very low cost, less than $5.00 per compacted cubic yard delivered to their job site. This new aggregate can retain 14 cubic feet of water in each cubic yard of TDA installed. 

This Sustainable new Aggregate material is specified by ASTM as an ASTM 6270-B material and is made from discarded tires. 

In 2018, American Engineering decided to increase the parking space capacity at their St. Paul location. They historically had an open pond serving as a stormwater device, so in their new property plan, they decided to convert the green space and open pond into more parking spaces. To continue to meet the stormwater requirements they chose to install an under parking lot infiltration gallery. They also choose TDA as the storage media for their site. Frattalone Companies did the site construction and the TDA Installation under the parking lot. First State Tire/TDA Manufacturing was the supplier of the ASTM 6270- B material. 

The existing pond with TDA before the stormwater system was put in place and the two separate parking lots became one. Yet another benefit of using TDA is the eco-friendly component of saving thousands of tires from a landfill. 

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