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American Engineering Testing (St. Paul, MN)

Saving limited valuable real estate space

Year Completed: 2018

The Depot on Main, a 65-unit apartment complex in Zimmerman, MN, had very little real estate for an above-ground stormwater pond. Faced with very limited space and the the need to manage stormwater on site, Bolton & Menk designed a stormwater filtration basin using TDA instead of other more expensive aggregates. The system is designed to manage stormwater on the site, but does have an overflow into the city’s stormwater system if a rain event is too large.

84,000 tires were recycled into TDA (tire-derived aggregate) and utilized in the apartment complex’s stormwater management plan. This arrangement provides two benefits. First, the underground stormwater system was built cost effectively with the 50% void space that TDA provides. Second, the parking lot, layered over the stormwater systems, saves space and provides extra value.

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