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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The EPA states that TDA is a "viable" and "useful" alternative for some engineering applications, including some of the engineered designs that use ASTM 6270-B TDA (sometimes called shredded tires or recycled tire derived aggregate), and recognizes that TDA has sustainable and valuable engineering properties, and is usually a substantial cost-saving option for these projects. See EPA's statement.

Minnesota Pollution Control (MPCA)

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) has approved and encourages the beneficial use of recycled tires in accordance with state statute and rule

Civil engineering projects were recognized by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency as a sustainable aggregate replacement. In fact, the MPCA has developed rules to include a Standing Beneficial Use of tire aggregate in roadways and any engineered aggregate replacement project.

A Standing Beneficial Use determination means that the generator or end user of a material can do so in accordance with these subparts without contacting the agency. Under Minn. R. 7035.2860, Subp. 4., no permit is needed for TDA when:

G. used as a lightweight fill in the construction of public roads in accordance with Minnesota Statutes, section 115A.912. Subd. T.

H. used as a substitute for conventional aggregate in construction applications when the ratio of the substitution is no greater than 1:1 by volume.

Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT)

MnDOT has used TDA for Light Weight Fill projects (Highway 35, Pine City); Slope Stabilization Projects (Highway 8, Taylors Falls) and Frost Heaving Prevention Projects (Carlton County). The DOT has also sponsored research reports on TDA use. 

See the official Standard of Engineering Practice and TDA Research.

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