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Company History


TDA Manufacturing CEO, Monte Niemi, was already in the tire business when Minnesota became the first state in the nation to regulate waste tire disposal and encourage the cleanup of waste tire piles.


Shortly after, Monte was brainstorming and testing innovative ways to utilize waste tires when the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency invited him to speak at a government conference on the topic of recycling tires, called “Waste Tires: What’s beyond land disposal"?

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) successfully used Tire-Derived Aggregate (TDA) to build forest roads instead of conventional log corduroy. This led to the construction of multiple such roads, and Braun Engineering's evaluations concluded that they were outperforming all other roads in the area. Monte, the inventor of a drainage layer that uses tires in road subgrades, was granted a patent for his invention. This success led to the establishment of
TDA Manufacturing.

Our Vision


Those early projects are cornerstones of our company and were very important for our growth. Over time, we have been fortunate to work with government, private developers, civil engineering firms, contracting companies and other organizations that have assisted us in developing how we market our TDA material.

The 30+ years of dedicated work to get TDA used in civil engineering projects has included ups and downs, both of which continue to help evolve our business plan and marketing strategies.

We believe that the key to getting our TDA material designed into civil engineering projects is found in education. The product is relatively new, especially compared to natural material, so teaching about TDA and its many benefits is the most important factor in getting it sold.

Increasing the end-users comfort level both mechanically and environmentally is our specialty. We will take what we have learned and invest it into your market.

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