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Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA)

Tire-derived aggregate, or TDA, is a recycled construction material derived from waste tires. It is a safe and responsible choice to provide environmental, economic and performance solutions in civil engineering projects. The many beneficial properties of TDA are used to solve an array of civil engineering problems.


Everything from how design a project using TDA, to regulatory data. Click for more.

How to Install TDA

You might be surprised how easy it is (and our install video will show you)! Click here.

Environmentally Friendly

See how using recycled waste tires contributes to a better world. More.

The 10 Properties of TDA

Most projects utilizing TDA benefit from more than one of these! See them all.

Live Presentations

Get the latest info about TDA in a live or online presentation. You could even earn Continuing Education Credit (CEUs)! Details.


Additional resources about Tire Derived Aggregate. Check it out.


What Others are Saying...


Gerald Willet (MPCA Commissioner)

The use of tire shreds saved the developers and taxpayer’s money, reduced the stress load on the parking ramp, made it possible to develop a park above the ramp, and helped recycle a part of our waste that has been a problem for years." See More.

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