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Tires for Recycling

Tire Recycling

Recycling tires can help harmful chemicals stay out of the earth, water, and air. It can prevent tires from becoming disease-carrying-pest breeding grounds, and can keep them from starting raging fires.


A positive fact, however, is that old tires can also be used as an alternative for fossil fuel. These tires can be recycled and made into tire-derived fuel (TDF). The process helps to produce over 25 percent more energy than coal and it is more energy-efficient.


Tires can be recycled into other products. Many are ground into crumb rubber for use in paving projects or shredded into a lightweight fill for use in other civil engineering projects. There are many other eco-friendly products made from recycled tires.

Tire-Derived Aggregate

Lightweight fill, reduced lateral load, increased drainage, shear strength, mitigate vibrations, significant cost reduction

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