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TDA has been used in parking lots for both stormwater management and site stabilization.

Stormwater: Many companies put their stormwater retention systems under the parking because it has a dual purpose. It is a smart way to utilize the real estate space and manage your stormwater runoff. This method also makes for a very sturdy parking lot.

Common underground stormwater management methods include using chambers, vaults, clear stone or a combination of those methods. To keep costs down, utilizing the 50% void space of TDA can hold and retain the stormwater runoff in a basin.

Site stabilization: Existing lands can be made up of soft, muddy soil at low-lying grades. These properties need a stable foundation that can be trusted to hold up overlying structures. Using a lift of TDA placed directly on the existing grade creates a strong foundation and eliminates the risk of differential settlement or other failures.

The high permeability and thermal insulation properties of TDA help create a capillary break, so moisture can’t wick its way towards the surface (no more cracking or buckling during spring thaw!). In fact, TDA has about 8 times better thermal insulation than soil!

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