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New Dawn Country Living

Handicapped-accessible home addition

Year Completed: 2013

Daily operations at New Dawn Country Living Adult Foster Care recently became much easier by using shredded tires in the reconstruction of its driveways and parking areas.

New Dawn Country Living Adult Foster Care was founded after owner Dawn Bochniak watched her clients and finally, her own mother, try to cope with living and medical needs during their twilight years. While working as Certified Nursing Assistant and in other roles, she saw senior clients receive adequate basic care in hospitals, assisted living residences and nursing homes. But Dawn and her husband/co-owner, Rod, wanted to provide a higher-quality, caring and dignified living alternative for struggling seniors, ages 55 and over.

In 2010, Dawn and Rod built an addition to their home in rural Minnesota that became New Dawn Country Living Adult Foster Care. The new space houses up to five medically frail residents who are treated like family while 24-hour staff provides meals, dispenses medications, gives daily care and transports them to appointments. The property is closely flanked by forests, providing residents a view of nature.

The business requires easy access for incoming services, as well as a convenient exit for taking residents to medical appointments. However, the property’s original dirt driveways, entrances and parking areas were problematic due to poor soil conditions. Heavy and wet clay sub soils promoted standing water on driveways, which caused muddy surfaces that bogged down tires. Frost-related damage created issues like rutting.

Dawn and Rod turned to Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA).

Land Logic, Inc. dug a trench with a hydraulic excavator, which was then filled with TDA. A layer of geotextile fabric was placed on top of the TDA, followed by replacement of excavated soil. Excess soil was spread out along the driveway side slopes.

By adding TDA into the re-construction of over 500 feet of driveways, entrances and parking areas, soil stability has been vastly improved with an expectation of better drainage, less road maintenance and reduced driving hazards. During construction, access was also improved by widening the driveway to 20 feet. The project saw a cost savings of over $10,000 in materials compared to traditional road construction. Maintenance costs should be reduced thanks to improved drainage.

More importantly, emergency vehicles, medical suppliers and delivery trucks are able to provide quicker, safer and easier service to residents at New Dawn Country Living. Staff can take residents out for appointments without worrying their vehicles will become disabled in a muddy driveway, and visitors have convenient access to a more appealing property.

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