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Chomonix Golf Course

TDA replaces poor soils under parking lot and tees

Year Completed: 2000

The main goal for Anoka County engineers was to raise the level of the Chomonix Golf Course site to create a solid foundation for not just the parking lot, but also the driving range tee boxes next to the lot. The existing soils were poor and did not have the strength to support the parking lot and tee boxes.

Installing TDA (Tire Derived Aggregate) under parking lots can serve many purposes such as thermal insulation, soil stabilization, capillary break to improve drainage, and more. It can also lighten the load on underlying soils.

County engineers had the option of using sand fill to elevate the golf course area but decided against it. The engineers instead choose TDA because of its interlocking "snowshoe" capability, which produces internal reinforcement, eliminating differential settlement.

TDA was placed and compacted to a height of about 3 feet. Geotextile fabric was then placed on top of the TDA prior to 18-24 inches of sand. The site was then paved.

Thanks to TDA, golf course managers won't have to worry about the parking lot sinking, cracking or buckling during the spring thaw!

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