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American Engineering Testing (St. Paul, MN)

Saving limited valuable real estate space

Year Completed: 2018

The City of Woodburyʼs Maintenance Facility project will accommodate the cityʼs 2040 goals for public works expansions by allowing the City to expand facility parking and properly manage stormwater runoff.

The City of Woodbury chose to use a sustainable, next generation material, ASTM D6270: Tire derived aggregate (TDA). TDA is an aggregate manufactured from discarded tires. In the construction process over 210,000 recycled tires were used.

This project entailed constructing 2 underground stormwater infiltration basins. TDA was selected to fill around those basins because of its 50% void space. TDA has the ability to store and infiltrate the stormwater runoff. Using pervious pavement over the stormwater basins filled with TDA allows a driving surface and parking lot on top of the stormwater system.

"Our city is starting to age in certain areas and part of that redevelopment is going to trigger a different kind of stormwater management for those properties. And this is something we can say is an option that we would support.” -Teresa Keller, Woodbury Engineering Project Coordinator

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