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American Engineering Testing (St. Paul, MN)

Saving limited valuable real estate space

Year Completed: 2018

In order to expand their facilities, American Engineering Testing, Inc. needed an underground infiltration system would meet federal and state stormwater requirements.

Since engineers at AET had been using TDA (tire-derived aggregate) in various projects since 2002 with success, it was an easy decision to use TDA in their own headquarter facility's parking lot.

TDA has several beneficial properties for a project such as this: superior drainage, capillary break, and high permeability. In addition, TDA has the ability to remove phosphorus, nitrates, fertilizers, and pesticides from water.

TDA was installed in the open surface stormwater pond between the two parking lots, increasing stormwater management capabilities while allowing the surface to be paved, connecting two lots and creating much needed additional parking space.

With the help of Frattalone Companies and Pope Architects, AET saved approximately 185,000 recycled tires from landfill!

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