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From barely-passable to year-round sustainable road

Kroschel Township’s minimum-maintenance road, located at 370th Avenue, was built in 1908, serving as the main road that connected Finlayson, MN to Highway 65. It remained the main road until State Highway 18 came through town. Not long after Highway 18 was built, beavers and other wildlife moved in creating problems on 370th Avenue downgrading it to a minimum-maintenance road. In 1971, DNR hired workers to come through and open it up by hand, making it more usable as a trail, for walking and ATV use. Even then, the minimum-maintenance road began to grow back up and became barely passable with off-road equipment.

In January of 2021, after a long permit approval process, the decision was made to use a new road subgrade/corduroy underlayment to replace the log corduroy originally used to create 370th Avenue. This new subgrade/rubberized corduroy component is a sustainable Aggregate called tire-derived aggregate (TDA).

They choose TDA because of its snowshoe effect over the soft organic soil bridges over the weak materials without a differential settlement. Marvin Rostberg, Kroschel township official, commented that he likes TDA in road subgrade because of its water draining properties. TDA is hydrophobic, eliminating future frost heaving, which will allow us to restore 370th Avenue to a year-round, fully maintained road.

TDA is made from processed shredded tires, and its’ properties are ideal for stormwater management systems, roads, retaining wall support, and many other civil engineering projects. In this case, 370th Avenue, will benefit highly from TDA’s hydrophobic property, one of the ten properties TDA provides in their projects. The hydrophobic property prevents TDA from the crystallization of ice, thereby eliminating road damage caused by seasonal frost heaving, as mentioned above, making maintaining the road more sustainable year-round.

For the full story and photo history, visit the Project Gallery.


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